About the network

The Nordic Network was formed in 2008 and had its first meeting at the 1st Nordic Patient Safety Conference in Stockholm (Saltsjöbaden) May 2010.

At the Saltsjöbaden meeting it was agreed that the purpose of the network shall be:

  • to promote and advance safety research concerning the health care sector in the Nordic countries
  • to facilitate collaboration on research and application of research results among our countries and among research institutions and clinical settings
  • to work towards attracting research funding for patient safety and quality domain, possibly via the establishment of a Nordic research agenda

Participants expressed their intention to begin establishing national research networks in countries where such a network does not exist.

The web site is hosted at the Danish Technical University (DTU Management Engineering, Healthcare Group) and is maintained by the Danish Research Network (www.fpks.dk)



Newsletter about Safety and Quality in Healthcare

20 OCTOBER 2021