Cross-cultural comparisons of nursing staff perceptions about patient handoff safety and quality between China and Japan
Xiuzhu Gu and Kenji Itoh (Japan)

Patient activation in transition to home (PATH) - a patient-centered intervention study to decrease re-hospitalization
Carina Brandberg, Maria Flink and Mirjam Ekstedt (Sweden)

Differences between Serious and Non-Serious Patient Safety Incidents in the Largest Hospital District in Finland
Juho Jämsä, Sari Palojoki, Lasse Lehtonen and Anna-Maija Tapper (Finland)

The A3 approach to improving patient safety problem solving: a pilot study
Virve Koljonen and Sari Palojoki (Finland)

Nurse rated quality of care in 2007 and 2017 in a Norwegian Hospital Trust 
Irene Aasen Andersen, Marny Alice S. Pettersen and John Roger Andersen (Norway)

Out-of-hours Healthcare and Malpractice Complaints
Søren Birkeland, Søren Bie Bogh and Christian von Plessen (Denmark)

Co-operation between municipalities and pharmacies on local disease prevention and health promotion – what are the opportunities?
Mira El-Souri, Alaa Burghle, Nicolaj H. Faber, Louise André, Charlotte Rossing and Gitte R. Husted (Denmark)

Loneliness in elderly care
Marie Petersson, Sandra Pettersson, Ulrika Solstad, Annica Hofsten Granbo and Madeleine Andersson (Sweden)

The Co-production of Patient Safety
Marlene Ockander, Jelmer Brüggemann, Alma Persson, Boel Andersson Gäre and Barbro Wijma (Sweden)

Involvement of the bereaved in supervisory investigation of severe adverse events: A literature review
Cecilie Haraldseid, Lene Schibevaag and Siri Wiig (Norway)

DeMoL, reablement and the interaction on Depression, Motivation and Life orientation. An ongoing longitudinal study, in home dwelling elderly, Norway
Jeanette Kjernsholen Berget, Inger Schou-Bredal, Rolf Kåresen and Åse Sagen (Norway)

To Asses Vital Signs in Emergency Care - A quantitative survey of the nursing assessment
Pia Hammarqvist (Sweden)

Study on in-hospital deaths may reveal patient safety threats
Mari Plukka, Merja Jutila, Linda Styris and Heli Ylihärsilä (Finland)

Evaluating a new method for user involvement in supervisory investigation of the most severe adverse events in healthcare
Lene Schibevaag, Cecilie Haraldseid, Einar Hannisdal and Siri Wiig (Norway)

Avoidable admissions – a cross-sectorial research program following the patient trail (CrossTrail)
Marianne Johansson Jørgensen, Mette Trøllund Rask, Hanne Sveistrup Demant and Gitte Friis Kjeldsen (Denmark)

Medication administrations to wrong patients: analysis using incident reports
Marja Härkänen, Maijaterttu Tiainen and Kaisa Haatainen (Finland)

Involvement of the bereaved in supervisory investigation of unexpected deaths – A development project
Einar Hannisdal, Jan Petter Odden and Siri wiig (Norway)

Drug changes create potential failure modes in the drug dispensing process
Marianne Hald Clemmensen, Erik Klitzing Hansen, Lona Louring Christrup and Peter Dieckmann (Denmark)

Identification of barriers to address in order to improve quality of cross-sectorial rehabilitation
Katrine Prisak Pedersen, Lene von Bülow, Jeanette Hounsgaard and Lars Morsø (Denmark)

Facilitators and barriers to adolescents’ use of mental health services in Norway: A questionnaire survey
Anita Camilla Kvamsøe and Petter Viksveen (Norway)

Liason Somatic - From project to operational stage
Hanne Hartmann (Denmark)

Medication Events in Immunocompromised Pediatric Patients in Tertiary Children´s Hospital
Niina Laine, Riikka Laine, Anna Santamäki, Mervi Taskinen, Merja Stenvall, Timo Jahnukainen and Sanna-Maria Kivivuori (Finland)

The SAFE-LEAD project: Improving Quality and Safety in Nursing Homes and Home Care
Eline Ree and Siri Wiig (Norway)

Stretching the boundaries of safe medication administration in nursing homes: A qualitative study of the nurse role
Kristian Odberg, Britt Sætre Hansen and Sigrid Wangensteen (Norway)

Professionals and organizational innovation in elderly care: Implementation of municipal care pathways
Kathrine Carstensen, Hanne Marlene Dahl, Elin Kallestrup, Marianne Kirkegaard Birkmose and Viola Bureau (Denmark)

Trends, disparities and geographical variation in outpatient antibiotic consumption – A population-based study
Pia Kjær Kristensen, Søren Paaske Johnsen and Reimar Wernich Thomsen (Denmark)

Assesment of Inter-rater Consistency in Classification of Adverse Advents
Ylva Helland (Norway)

Development of a theoretical construct for system stability in a neonatal intensive care unit – an explorative study
Karl Hybinette, Karin Pukk Härenstam and Mirjam Ekstedt (Sweden)

Monitoring and assessing quality of chronic disease rehabilitation (cardiovascular disease) in a municipality setting in Central Denmark Region
Hanne Søndergaard, Klaus Nordentoft Lemvigh and Tina Andersen (Denmark)

A tale of two municipalities: A qualitative study of the influence resource situation in nursing homes has on hospital readmissions
Malin Knutsen Glette, Olav Røise, Tone Kringeland and Siri Wiig (Norway)

The use of Quality Improvement Collaboratives in the implementation of The New Danish Healthcare Quality Programme
Kathrine Carstensen and Camilla Palmhøj Nielsen (Denmark)

Enmeshing patient safety – intervening in the organization and practices of care
Angelos Balatsas-Lekkas and Yutaka Yoshinaka (Finland)

Measuring Next-of-kin Satisfaction with Hospital Cancer Care - as a Foundation for Improving Quality and Patient Safety
Inger Johanne Bergerød, Ingvild Dalen, Geir Sverre Braut, Bjørnar Gilje and Siri Wiig (Norway)

Prevalence and risk factors for non-attendance among patients in hospital outpatient treatment for chronic diseases: A register-based cohort study
Donna Lykke Wolff, Frans Boch Waldorff, Christian Von Plessen, Christian Backer Mogensen, Thomas Lund Sørensen, Kim Christian Houlind, Søren Bie Bogh and Katrine Hass Rubin (Denmark)

Does Quality Improvement Improve Patient’s Health? A Systematic Review of Measures of Effect Used in PDSA Projects
Nanna Kastrup Hermansen, Anne Sig Vestergaard and Lars Holger Ehlers (Denmark)

The application of future workshops in a healthcare setting
Natasha Sørensen, Simon Kristoffer Johansen, Louise Hansen, Janus Laust Thomsen and Lars Ehlers (Denmark)

Danish cancer patients’ perspectives on quality of care from first symptom to end of primary care
Louise Vindslev Nielsen, Gitte Stentebjerg Petersen and Linda Aagaard Thomsen (Denmark)

Calculating the value for money of quality improvements when health-related outcome measures are unavailable; using quality indicators in decision-analytic modeling
Anne Sig Vestergaard and Lars Holger Ehlers (Denmark)

Overstay and readmission in day surgery – comparison of ear, nose and throat and orthopedic patients
Leena-Maija Aaltonen (Finland)

The CIRS-case microscope - the analysis of 52 unselected cases with the OPT-Model
Cornelia Schröder, Thomas Schrader, Laura Tetzlaff, Eberhard Beck and Katharina Löwe (Germany)

Can frail older persons participate in telephone follow up about quality of life and satisfaction after discharge? – a feasibility study
Trine Graabæk, Palle Mark Christensen, Anton Pottegård and Jens-Ulrik Rosholm (Denmark)

Gender- and Age-Related Differences in the Quality of Mental Health Care Among Inpatients With Unipolar Depression: A Nationwide Study 
Line Ryberg Rasmussen, Jan Mainz, Poul Videbech and Søren Paaske Johnsen (Denmark)

Patient-reported incidents in hospital: do scores for surgical and non-surgical patients differ? Results from a national survey
Olaf Holmboe, Øyvind Andresen Bjertnæs and Anne Karin Lindahl (Norway)

Demonstration of the WHO’s Surgical Safety Checklist in 360° Virtual Reality
Tobias Todsen (Denmark)

Patients management of long-term medication processes with information
Marianne Møller, Stig Ejdrup Andersen, Jørn Helder and Christian von Plessen (Denmark)

Privacy and the ability to maintain independent living: tradeoffs among priorities
Humira Ehrari, Henning Boje Andersen (Denmark)

Gerontechnology: opportunities and ethical dilemmas
Henning Boje Andersen (Denmark)
24 JANUARY 2022